Who’s this Lizzy person, anyway?

I’m a food, society, and pop culture writer.

I’ve been obsessed with both food and stories since before I can remember, and my work has appeared in Forbes, Vice, Food & Wine, Eater, Literary Hub, and Majuscule. My essay “On Colonial Nostalgia and Food in Fantasy Writing,” was listed as notable in Best American Food Writing 2021. I’ve had dinner with Steve Buscemi, I’m a former LARP kid, and I have a garlic tattoo.

When I’m not writing this newsletter, I consult with food companies on everything from branded content to avoiding messy cultural mistakes.

So what’s this newsletter all about?

I like to say that I write about the past, present, and future of food and the human condition. I love thinking about the stories we tell and why we tell them. Whether those stories are about how pineapples used to cost about $10,000 each way back when, how I can’t stop watching weird foodie anime, or why the farms of the future will be covered in robots, I can promise you fascinating deep dives into all things food. I’m also cooking and eating just as constantly as any other human, so NYC restaurant recommendations and the occasional recipe will show up from time to time.

This newsletter is about things I think are cool. I hope you agree.

Want to know more about me?

Check out my website, where you can see an archive of my work for other outlets and find information about working with me.

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Lizzy Saxe is a food and pop culture writer. Her work is whimsical, weird, and deadly serious. She likes things.